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For those who love to craft

When only DIY will do

love to craft
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This community has been created for all who love to craft. It doesn't matter what your into...craftsters of all types are welcome here. I have to set some main guidelines for people interested in joining...

1) Don't knock anyones creations...you can offer constructive critism, but if it is in any way snarky or mean you will be banned

2) If you have something that you would like to sell or trade here thats okay, just keep in mind that isn't the main purpose of the community if you are posting for sale things all the time and you don't contribute anything else you may be banned.

3) Please if you make something that isn't work safe...please put it behind a cut with a warning.

4) Have fun...post pics of your stuff, link to cool sites, help people learn new things.

Below I have named certain interests...if I forgot some please let me know so I can add to the list.